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Living in a boat

Actually I do not live on a boat, .. but it’s something I always would love to say. People listen “I live on a boat!” and they immediately change the gesture of their face. You can guess, how they are picturing their closet, their kitchen, all bookstores at their living room, the shoe cabinet, and they think …. “How this crazy guy gets to fit everything in a boat?!”

I know what they think because before I was the one with the weird gesture, I thought they were crazy those who lived on a boat, how they could manage to keep all their personal belongings. Then I went to live in London, and found that many boats were bigger than many apartments in East London. Lol!

As an interior designer, the distribution of small spaces is one of the biggest challenges we encounter. How to take advantage of the storage space to the max? In this regard, designers ships cabins have much to teach, and are almost always of great inspiration when watching how the manage to organise the space, and we compare it with the space we have in our house.

And even now you may be thinking … Is this guy telling me that my house has to look like a boat ?, nothing is further from reality !! One thing is the interior design, and how to use the space (that we could learn about looking at boat cabins) and a different topic is the styling.
Living on a boat doesn’t mean that everything around you are anchors and blue and white stripes (although my boat, if I had, it would be very navy inspiration!! Hahha!!). Styling can be as varied as the tastes. As a prove, here are some of the boat interior design I’m more passionate about:







What? Are you thinking on becoming a sailor and live on a boat? some of them are available for a few days on Airbnb. Paris, London, Gran Canaria, Amsterdam, … What is your next port?



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