First person architecture

Architecture Services

In our architecture studio we offer a wide range of services to help you create and build the space of your dreams. We have developed two new architecture services.

architecture by the hour

Our Architecture by Hours service puts at your disposal an experienced technician (architect, technical architect, engineer…) to offer you a qualified technical opinion and at a really affordable price. If you wish we can move to your own home.

What is architecture by the hour?

The figure of the architect/engineer has usually been linked to works of a certain size, complexity and budget. Our technicians have their own skills from their training and experience that, without a doubt, can also be used by individuals for their small works and consultations. And all this at a reasonable price. A correct advice in time saves unnecessary costs.

Why do we offer this architecture service?

We offer quality technical advice, without intermediaries or other interests that are not your full satisfaction. This advice can include making sketches, diagrams, designs,… and if you wish, at your own home.

How can we help you?
Architecture: Interior layout of your home. State of buildings and construction qualities. Clarifications on City Hall requirements. Reception of finished works. Feasibility study of budgets presented by contractors. Monitoring of decoration works. Urban violations. Small works. Advice on expert reports and appraisals. Analysis of pathologies…
Engineering: Conditions of facilities. noises. Installation of elevators. Solar energy. Consultations on energy efficiency. Grants…
Decoration: Choice of materials, fabrics and furniture. Decorative proposals. Creation of environments. Lightning. Style customization. Accompaniment to stores in the sector.
How is this service contracted?

Buy the most appropriate pack for the duration that you initially consider necessary. We will send you the invoice to the email you provide us. If the visit lasts longer, you can pay the difference later.

Start your purchase with one of our packs and make sure it is appropriate for your location. If you prefer, you can come and visit us at our studio. Then, if you see it necessary, add as much additional time as you want using supplements “one hour” or “half hour”. If you have questions, contact us and we will help you. In case of displacement, the visit begins when our technician arrives at your home.

Do not forget to clearly indicate in your order a telephone number, an email and a brief description of what you need us for. We will contact you immediately.

All services will be performed “in situ”. Office work that could arise from the proceedings before the client is not included. Neither are included within these services those that require a collegiate visa procedure, in accordance with current regulations, by one of the technicians involved.

Como Sería is a new and exclusive service where we study the possibilities of second-hand homes in order to facilitate their sale. We include photorealistic presentations and an approximate budget for the work to be carried out.