Safety and Health in works


We are Site Health and Safety Coordinators. We have work and control procedures that allow us maximum agility and efficiency in our actions. Our work system complies with the ISO 9001 standard and is audited by AENOR.

Our activity is focused on photovoltaic plant works, in large-scale shopping centers, in residential buildings and hydraulic civil works.

For this, we take care of the Drafting of Health and Safety Studies and Plans. During the execution of the work we carry out visits to control compliance with the work procedures or safety plans.

A fundamental aspect of our activity is the information to the agents involved. For this we have developed our own software for the management of visits and Health and Safety Coordination minutes, which gives us great agility and reliability in our actions and which allows the detection of incidents and communication to all the agents involved in real time.

We have also developed our own platform ( for document control in order to authorize access to work centers.

Trust in professionals in Workplace Coordination and Health Plans

If you are looking for a team of highly trained architects with experience in the construction of buildings and large-scale works, it is important to have a site health and safety coordinator.

In our team of architects, we have experts in coordination and supervision of health and safety in each project we undertake.

The site health and safety coordinator is an essential professional to guarantee the safety and well-being of workers during the construction of any building.