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Building Rehabilitation

We carry out the rehabilitation of buildings making interventions in unique buildings and listed in Historic Centers, carrying out the ideas of our clients, with the utmost respect and strict compliance with the precepts of conservation and enhancement of the building.

We have a Master’s degree in Architecture and Historical Heritage, as well as our vast constructive knowledge to generate added value in buildings, proposing respectful solutions, adjusted to regulations and economically acceptable.

We are committed to the use of traditional materials, with historically proven construction systems, but without neglecting new techniques and facilities.

We take care of the drafting of ITE, projects of execution orders and the management of the entire process in the Urban Planning Department, both by Responsible Declaration and by the Works Permit procedure.

heritage conservation

Heritage conservation is a complex and essential process to maintain the memory and identity of a society. At our architecture studio, we pride ourselves on being experts in heritage conservation and helping to preserve historic buildings and monuments for future generations.

  • Respect for history: Building rehabilitation requires great respect for the history and original architecture of a building or monument. It is essential to understand and appreciate the history behind each structure, and we work carefully to preserve and restore its original character.
  • Restoration and conservation techniques: Restoration and conservation techniques are carefully selected to ensure that restoration work is accurate and respectful of the building’s history. We use materials and techniques appropriate to the time of the building.
  • Comprehensive research: Research is essential in the process of heritage conservation and architectural rehabilitation. We carry out extensive research on the history of the building and its historical context to better understand the architectural heritage.
  • Context Sensitivity: We see the building as part of a larger context, and our restoration is in harmony with its surroundings and its history.
  • Commitment to sustainability: At Aedifica Arquitectura, we are committed to sustainability and heritage conservation.