Arquitecture in the first person


We are aedifica
arquitectura in first-person
  • Free of budgetary or deadlines issues

    Our projects are clearly defined, which results in a good pace of construction and the absence of last minute changes in the work, having at the end a reduction of "incidents" and budgetary imbalances.

  • Let us know your needs and we will make them happen

    Aedifica Architectura means an integrated management of the building. We optimize the resources for your proposal to be managed, developed and run effectively. From the beginning to the end.

  • Integrated construction management

    Our goal is to manage all formalities related to the building. Coordinate and drew up all kinds of projects, licensing, rehabilitations, renovations, ... we take care of the work. This way we can ensure technical control during execution by a dedicated construction management.

  • A highly qualified team

    We have a multidisciplinary team able to offer a quick and effective response, tailored to customer needs and using the environment opportunities to transform them, adding value to the building.

  • Creating added value

    Our actions are not limited to mere normative compliance, but we pursue our services provide added value for our customer, by exclusive buildings, precise technical solutions and tight budgets.

  • Our clients

  • Sistema de Gestión auditado por AENOR

    Para mantener un elevado grado de cumplimiento de estándares de Calidad y Medioambientales (internos y externos), implantamos y mantenemos un Sistema Integrado de Gestión. Nuestra meta es integrar la Productividad, la Gestión Medioambiental y la Calidad, con el fin de identificar y asegurar que todos los procesos y actividades que desarrollamos satisfagan los requisitos legales aplicables, mejorando los sistemas de producción y minimizando la magnitud y el impacto ambiental de nuestras actividades y servicios. En AEDIFICA ARQUITECTURA, TODOS participamos en el cumplimiento de esta política y en alcanzar nuestros objetivos, siendo el fin último, LA BÚSQUEDA PERMANENTE DE LA EXCELENCIA.